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About Eco Made Simple

Eco Made Simple is a company started since January 2021, our vision is to create green homes which are environmentally sustainable. Green homes focus on the efficient use of "energy, water, and building materials".  Our main objective is to help combat fuel poverty in the UK and make a positive difference to the environment .

We are also part of ECO3  which supports people to insulate and heat their homes through the government grant scheme. We currently provide services for new boilers, internal wall insulation, loft insulation and under floor insulation. We work closely with local councils and housing associations to ensure vulnerable people are provided with the best measures to ensure their homes are insulated and energy efficient. We have a team of professional and highly skilled people to provide a high standard of service as we are recommended by the Trust Mark website. 

A spacious kitchen and dining table

Find out if you can get a grant of up to £10,000 towards the cost of making your home more energy efficient.

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